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Florance Health Care Services is having a membership of more than 5000 home nurses who have been trained thoroughly about taking care of the individual patient at home. Both men and women are trained for taking care of the elderly senior citizens and the placement will be very stringent in respect with the gender of the patient Those who need the service of a home nurse either male nurse or female nurse can approach the office of the FLORANCE HEALTH CARE SERVICE, NAGARBHAVI, BANGALORE at least one day in advance before availing the service and fill the registration form. The prescribed membership application form and the registration form a duly filled along with contact numbers and residence address of the patient and submit to the office.

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Types of Services

Home Nursing Services

Services Rendered by a Home Nurse

1. Provide food and medicine to the patient as prescribed by the doctor in time

2. Assist the patient to brush the teeth and assist in bathing and toileting

3. Provide sponge bath for the bedridden patients daily

4. Keep the bed clean and tidy and change the soiled clothing’s and linens

5. Empty the urine bag regularly and provide catheter care

6. Clean the stools in the bed and change the diaper and under pad daily

7. Monitor the vital signs and maintain the records

8. Monitor intake and output chart

9. Assist the patient in Ryle’s tube feeding, assist the patient in nebulization, suctioning and in ambulating

10. Provide positioning for the bedridden patients to prevent bed sore

11. If there is a bed sore do proper dressing for the bed sore

Old Age Home & Medical Services

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Florance old age home and medical services was established in the year 207 as an outcome of our home nursing service. Growing old is an inevitable process in everyone’s life. The number of older persons is increasing every day. People are living longer and are healthier than before. As we grow old our health needs also vary. Ageing is a normal ye t very complex process. The body continuously replaces the worn out cells all throughout the life of the individual. As age advances the rate og replacement slows down. This the functions of each system of the body become impaired which gives ride to disorders. The process of ageing may also be hastened by environment, diseases, emotional stress, faulty lifestyles, malnutrition etc..,

1. Comfortable well furnished rooms with ward robe and having adequate lightings and ventilation with western style of toilets along with 24 hours hot water facility

2. Individualized T V for all the rooms with residents choice of subscription of channels

3. Daily visit of Doctor for periodic checkups of all residents at free of cost

4. Periodic visit by Yoga Physician, Psychological Counselor and Physiotherapist

5. permanent tie-ups with diagnostic centers and hospitals for emergency treatments

6. Ambulance services and freezer box facility

7. Adequate library of novels and stories with many more magazines and news papers

8. Own Medical dispensary exclusively for our senior citizens

9. UPS for back up facility of power

10. Medical cots with side rails for bed ridden patients

11. Air beds and water beds also ICU cots available for senior citizens

12. Monitors like suctioning monitor, ECG Machine, DVT Machines etc. for emergency monitoring of patient condition

13. Celebrations of senior citizens birthdays at our old age home with their family get together

14. Travels desk for senior citizens

Gerontics Nursing

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GEREATRIC NURSING is the nursing care and the services provided to older adults. The aim of geriatric nursing is “to safeguard and increase health to the extent possible and to provide comfort and care to the extent necessary”. The focus of nursing care is to assist the older clients to function as independently strengths. The nurse must work hand in hand with the family and other disciplines of health care system to prevent complications of illness, to secure a safe and comfortable environment and to promote client’s return to health.


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Mr. Dharma Swamanna

Founder & CEO

Mr. Dharma Swamanna

Founder & CEO

Mr. Dharma Swamanna

Founder & CEO


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